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2015 NFL Jerseys Cheap Since being traded to the Chargers in the first round of the 2004 NFL draft, Rivers has been in Santiago, but he could be on his way out after 2015 - but there are several reasons. First, Rivers is not sure, he wants to play in Losangeles, if the team wants to move there, now is a definite possibility. In early to mid February, Chargers and the Raiders announced plans to cheap nfl jerseys build in California Carson, $1.7 one billion stadium.

"We are here to build my growth in the family is difficult to reproduce," Cheap nfl jerseys from china Rivers UT of Santiago on Tuesday. "It is very difficult to get up, re create. I know, action is a part of life. However, this must be fair to say, (not sold in the move to Losangeles) was a part of them but I'm not. Under contract for one year, we may be in Losangeles"

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  • Rivers is right, not according to the contract, this is another reason he could soon leave Chargers: after 2015, his contract expired, cheap nfl jerseys wholesale he didn't sound like someone who has what plan to renew.UT- Santiago specially asked Rivers, if his plan is to play their own contract, let it expire.

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  • "Yes," said Rivers. "I can control and all I know that starting from today, I signed up for a year. I think things might change, but in many ways all uncertainty, I don't think it changes camp send before training camp, and when sent, the more I certainly play out." if Rivers did not make an extension, the possibility of another he may be traded.

    Chargers general manager Tom Telesco asked, if Rivers may be trading block and Telesco did not answer the question answered this question. Cheap nfl jerseys china He didn't say yes or no. "I didn't like Philip as our QB, I love him," Telesco wrote in the text of the UT in Santiago. "I will go to war with him"